Dynamics CRM Adds-on

With FocusLive Maps add-on you can easily view your CRM information such as accounts, contacts and leads in a geographical manner and make informed decision
FocusLive Relationships Charts add-on makes it easier to understand relationships between CRM records by visually view and navigate through connections.
With FocusLive PDF Generator Add-on for Dynamics CRM you can easily print and send your CRM documents
Easily find information on a specific, contact or lead in on different Social Networks such as Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Viadeo.
Easily plan and control your marketing campaigns and their activities using FocusLive Marketing Automation Add-on for Dynamics CRM
Receive visual alerts and notifications regarding your CRM activities just as you would in MS outlook
FocusLive Notifications add-on enables displaying outstanding messages relevant for any record such as account, contact, lead etcÂ’.
Create your own pop up Alerts which will be opened when you open a specific CRM record
FocusLive Phone Call Reminder Add-on for Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool which enables you to automate Follow Up processes for your sales calls and connect with your prospects efficiently and quicker
Easily view relevant information from Google Services such as Google Search, Maps and News directly from your CRM application
Add pictures and photos to enrich your CRM information such as Contacts and Products.
FocusLive Advanced Assignment Add-on for Dynamics CRM enable you to make better resource allocations, balance your workload and reduce delays of different process in your organization
Easily send email messages, plan appointments to multiple stakeholders and to use it in CRM activities
FocusLive Duplicate Detection Add-on for Dynamics CRM taking the Dynamics CRM Duplicate Detection feature one step ahead
FocusLive Auto Naming Add-on for Dynamics CRM allows you to name your CRM records based on the record fields values.
FocusLive Auto Numbering allows you to easily set incrementing ID numbers to your CRM records for any record type
Easily calculate sales tax or VAT on CRM sales records such as Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice by using FocusLive Tax Calculation Add-on for Dynamics CRM
With FocusLive PickList Dependency Add-on for Dynamics CRM you can easily filter values of a picklist in function of values of a main picklist.
FocusLive Data Loader add-on is a powerful tool which enables you quickly and easy import large amounts of data into Dynamics CRM with complex relationships and automatic scheduling.